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थप जानकारीका लागि 9802304961 मा कल गर्नुहोस् !
थप जानकारीका लागि 9802304961 मा कल गर्नुहोस् !

Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner Double-sided Glass Wiper - LB

  • Description

  • Specification

  •  Strong magnetic

  • Strong cover

  • Long-life tape

  • Material: hard ABS and magnet.

  • Applicable for the single-layer glass with the thickenss of 3mm to 6mm.

  • Magic window cleaner easily cleans windows that high and dangerous to reach.

  • Glides along your glass and leaving a dry, streak free and gleaming window

  • Come with a safety cord to prevent accident dropping.

  • Only requires warm water and detergent for an easy and effortless cleaning.

  • No more dangerous leaning out of windows trying to reach dirty areas

  • Double-faced design and multiple uses for windows, greenhouse, fish tank and mirror, etc